Our pet surgery and treatment is second to none with the most up to date facilities and skills on hand to perform all but the most demanding surgery and treatment for your pet.

The anaesthetic drugs and monitoring systems that we use are up to date, modern and amongst the safest available. We won't take unnecessary risks when performing any surgery or treatment just to save a few pounds. Safest is definitely best.

Please note that cats and dogs should have no food after 8.00pm the night before their operation.

On admission your pet will be checked and given pre-medication to assist them to settle before the anaesthesia and operation. We do require your consent in writing. We strongly advise the use of pre-operative blood testing to help minimise the risks associated with anaesthesia and surgery. All surgical patients are given appropriate drugs to control pain. To make anaesthesia as safe as possible, we monitor all patients very closely during anaesthesia and recovery, using sophisticated electronic equipment.

Our dedicated nursing team will closely monitor your pet's recovery after an operation and keep you up to date on your pet's progress. You will be given an approximate time to collect your pet. Most patients are able to return home the same day.